satelite dreams


rudolf lodders preis 2009

Wettbewerbsart: Offener internationaler Realisierungswettbewerb
Auslober: Gösta Serlachius Fine Arts Foundation
Status: nicht prämiert
Verfasser: Reinhard Mayer/ Christoph Richter
Zeitraum: März 2011
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Protokoll:  link
„Journey through endless miles of wood,
dense green, taking you into the forest,
an alley apears, guiding you to the clearing,
pathways to a rocky cluster,
heading over the lakeshore.
come closer, follow me into the white cave,
exterior landscapes become interior landscapes.
views become spots, and visitors get displayed,
a dense headlight touches gently your skin,
the evening rises,
accompanied by the glittering light of the lake,
views take you into the landscape.“